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The Darjeeling Limited

By on January 13, 2016

The film opens with a taxi meandering thorugh a narrow Indian Street. Bill Murray in the taxi sitting with his suitcases is in a hurry to get to someplace, probably to catch a train or a flight. The taxi reaches the station, he runs out to a ticket counter and just then sees his train leave the platform. Murray runs behind the train with his suitcases, the camera runs along with him. We are with him waiting for his story to unfold just when another character, Peter Whitman runs into the frame and manages to leave  both Muarray and the camera behind. Music begins and the signature Wes Anderson slow motion starts. Murray has missed the train and the Film. 

Wes Anderson has us there believing that it is Murray’s story or perhaps he’ll catch up with the film at some later point. But neither is the case, we don’t see Murray except for a fleeting moment at the end.

And Bill Murray puts so much life into his character in such a short time that it’s hard to stop imagining his world and his story.  Had he managed to get onto the train would the story be Murray’s?

Imagining a world designed by Wes Anderson always makes me happy. Wouldn’t you want to live in it?




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