By on January 12, 2016

The three characters in the film have a common thread between them, loneliness. Is Ingrid’s loneliness a direct result of Elin and Einar’s?  Are they Ingrid’s imagination after all?

Ingrid has recently lost her eyesight and holes herself in her apartment all day, coming to terms with her condition. The film is at its haunting best when we are alone with Ingrid and can see what it is to live with blindness. But no one can stop Ingrid from ‘seeing’ in her mind what her eyes cannot.

Elin and Einar are as real as they are part of Ingrid’s imagination. We see their lives through Ingrid. We see the details of their lives alter as with Ingrid’s fears, desires, passion, sexuality, fantasies and insecurities. We see Elin’s son change into her daughter. We see her suddenly go blind while she is on a date with Ingrid’s husband. She is at the mercy of Ingrid’s imagination.

The film is so fluid between its’ realities that it’s difficult to know when the reality ends and imaginary characters begin to play out. 

My favourite scene from the film is when Elin is on a date with Ingrid’s husband and she goes blind but tries to cover it up. Ingrid’s imagination drives this date as we see her control Elin’s words and action. As we see Ingrid type, delete, retype on her laptop Elin struggles to cope up with it. I wanted to share this scene but I couldn’t find a copy with English subtitles.

So, here is the trailer of the film.



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