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Vatsal is a techie and a coffee junkie. Most often he’s caught watching a film with Guinness for company. Preeti loves everything about the mountains. She always has her head buried in a book sipping tea.
We both love traveling and watching films so we decided to document some of it. Hope you enjoy reading as much as we’ve enjoyed traveling and writing about them 🙂

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A rough guide to Pune

By on July 14, 2008

Cities open themselves up easier than towns
As for a town learning to be a city
There are two ballads that fill the air
Both ir-resonate and out of tune
Today I shall act deaf to one

Pick a dowdy-old motorbike
Go by its natural pace
Enough for those short on time to blur past
Enough for exposing a bearded old man
Off to the library on a moped

Take the teak bent-chair by the window at an Irani restraunt
That lie detached even to the busy roads outside
The morning sun illuminates the hot vapours filling the room
And your ears are inadvertently lent
to the morning chatter that talketh the town

the time to visit the city would be mid afternoon
when chairs lie upturned on the tables
and shutters all but few inches from being shut
signifying the lure of an afternoon nap
that overpowers the city’s commerce

Right behind these sleeping shops
There lie old wadas revealed
With vast open patios
Dotted with wooden columns
Still dark and wet from the rain that fell last

Driving up, behind the canopy of trees
The wadas fuse to make parsi houses that further give way to Victorian villas
Some unable to find place in post british india
With surrounding gardens that lost the fight to uneven vegetation
And dilapidated boundaries and moss eaten walls

There’s more the town speaks
Of films, academia and culture
Of Gandhi, Rajneesh and scholars
The voice may be diminished, but it relentlessly hums
With the profundity of a rudra veena if one lends it a ear

An agglomeration became a town, a city
trickling its way through the barriers in time
there’s a time when you join the flow
its where you grow and the city grows with you
and learn the ease that lies in tandem
like wheels on a bicycle – never to outpace each other